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-You're allowed only 2 claims
-Sorry, but no sharing. It makes it more complicated for me
-If you leave the community, someone else may take your claims.
-No fighting over claims, whoever asks first gets it.

-I'll update the claims list AT LEAST every week, if not more.

Your moderator is x_lostinyou_x

.Seth Cohen.
Seth Cohen was claimed by whitneypunkrock
Seth's love for Death Cab for Cutie was claimed by an_autumn_end
Seth's Death Cab for Cutie Poster was claimed by an_autumn_end
The Jenga in Seth's room was claimed by hardlemonade959
Seth's Rooney poster was claimed by hardlemonade959
Seth's iPOD was claimed by schizofied
The pillow Seth used to cover "his area" in "Heartbreak" was claimed by robot_bingo
Seth's wit was claimed by sweettartxo
Seth's jew fro was claimed by x_thetearsfall
Seth's one-liners were claimed by lostinadream04
Seth's nemo/sex analogy was claimed by cardboardblonde
Seth's "It's always been you" speech to Summer was claimed by xoluckicharmsox
Seth's speech to Summer if front of the school in "The Telenova" was claimed by vibrantsarcasm
Seth's dance moves were claimed by soysaucey
Seth reciting "I Wish I Were a Mermaid" was claimed by soysaucey

.Adam Brody.
Adam Brody was claimed by ikissugoodnite
Adam Brody's sexy curls were claimed by obv_hot_mess
Adam Brody's jew fro was claimed by x_thetearsfall
Adam Brody's eyes were claimed by teenagexr0mance
Adam Brody's band was claimed by the_korean

.Summer Roberts.
Summer Roberts was claimed by eck0_
Summer's boobs were claimed by eck0_
Summer's "P.S. I love you" shirt was claimed by dreamindetail
Summer's "Eww" was claimed by shopaholic501

.Rachel Bilson.
Rachel Bilson was claimed by shopaholic501
Rachel's Condo was claimed by crazyaly
Rachel's voice was claimed by shopaholic501

.Ryan Atwood.
Ryan Atwood was claimed by jocey
Ryan's boxers seen in "The Nana" were claimed by perfectionme
Ryan's trademark "sideways,sexy yet sort of frustrated" look was claimed by izia_xo
Ryan's Sexy Scowl was claimed by emilee87

.Benjamin Mackenzie.
Benjamin Mackenzie was claimed by baileylovesyou
Benjamin Mackenzie's eyes were claimed by teenagexr0mance
Benjamin Mackenzie's smile was claimed by emilee87

.Marissa Cooper.
Marissa Cooper was claimed by raven23_
Marissa's wardrobe was claimed by lostinadream04

.Mischa Barton.
Mischa Barton was claimed by raven23_
Mischa's hair was claimed by sweettartxo

.Sandy Cohen.

.Peter Gallagher.

.Kirsten Cohen.

.Julie Cooper.

.Jimmy Cooper.

.Anna Stern.
Anna Stern was claimed by xo_lola

.Luke Ward.
Luke Ward was claimed by xo_lola
Luke's bitchslap from Marissa was claimed by cardboardblonde

.Chris Carmack.
Chris Carmack was claimed by izia_xo

Theresa was claimed by jocey

.Captain Oats/Princess Sparkles.
Captain Oats was claimed by ikissugoodnite
Princess Sparkles was claimed by baileylovesyou

Seth-" I'm sorry? What! I'm allergic okay? And there's so much pollen in here right now, its ridiculous. Hey, tomorrow we're watching football okay?" was claimed by the_korean
Seth-"You guys wouldn't beat me up because that would be so cliche." *They beat him up* "Apparently you're fans of the cliche." was claimed by sleepyhd9

"The Heartbreak" was claimed by soysaucey


Marissa and Ryan were claimed by while_you_can
Seth and Summer were claimed by while_you_can
Setheleh and Summer were claimed by magnadoodle88
Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles were claimed by crazyaly
Seth and Anna were claimed by whitneypunkrock

The pool house was claimed by dreamindetail
Chrismukka was claimed by vibrantsarcasm
The theme song "California" was claimed by maloussii
Seth and Summer's first time was claimed by xxkaajalxoxo
Seth and Summer's first kiss was claimed by xxkaajalxoxo

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